Cremation Requirements

Please inform the Cemetery Department 48 hours in advance of the time and date that the interment service will take place.

Cremation Interments are scheduled Mon – Fri. 9-2.

Cremation Interments for Saturdays are scheduled to begin no later than 11:00AM.

An outer container is REQUIRED for a cremation burial.
A ridged outer container is the minimum standard for a cremation burial.
You may contact the funeral home of your choice for this purchase.

You may invite a member of the clergy to attend the service.

Flowers may be brought to the cemetery on the day of service.

Please bring the following to the cemetery on the day of the service:

Cremation Certificate, this document is usually found in an envelope attached to the urn or cremation container, along with the Cremation Certificate; you must present a copy of the Burial Permit/Death Certificate.

A signed interment order, (supplied by the Cemetery Dept. or on website). This form will give the Cemetery Dept. permission to open the grave for the interment.

Check made payable to: Town of Chelmsford
The fee for a Cremation Interment Mon – Fri $450, Sat $650 & Holiday $750
Niche Wall In-Urnment Mon-Fri $ 150, Sat $300 & Holiday $400
A canopy is available for a fee of $200.