Schedule of Interment and Other Charges

Effective March 1 2018

Interment charges include opening the grave, use of the lowering device or cremation table, greens, reseeding of grass or replacement of groundcover, removal of flowers and permanent recording of documents. All casket interments must be COMPLETED by 2.30 PM, Monday through Friday, and 12:30 PM on Saturday or Holidays, or an overtime fee will be charged at an hourly rate of $175 for a casket burial. All interments or inurnments of cremated remains must be scheduled no later than 11:00 AM on Saturdays. The Cemetery Department is CLOSED on Sundays.

Interment Charges

  • Casket Interment (adult): $975
  • Cremated Remains Interment: $450
  • Cremated Remains Inurnment: $150
  • Infant Interment (up to one year old): N/C
  • Openings (for persons on Federal/State assistance): $225 (M-F)
  • Disinterment and Reinterment within Cemetery: $1950
  • Disinterment for removal from Cemetery: $1275
  • Disinterment earth burial cremated remains: $400
  • Disinterment from Niche Wall: $200

Saturday/Holiday Interment Charges

  • Casket Interment (adult): $1300 Saturday / $1500 Holiday
  • Cremated Remains Interment: $650 Saturday / $750 Holiday
  • Cremated Remains Inurnment: $300 Saturday / $400 Holiday

Other Charges

  • Canopy: $200
  • Installation of Veterans’ Government Markers: N/C
  • False Burial Set Up (Full Lowering Device and Greens): $250
  • Plant shrub provided by owner: $15 per shrub
  • Deed Recording fee: $20
  • Lot Refund/Transfer of Deed fee: $25