Please inform the Cemetery Department 48 hours in advance of the time and date that the interment service will take place. Cremation Interments are scheduled Mon through Fri. 9:00 – 2:00. Cremation Interments for Saturdays are scheduled to begin no later than 11:00 AM.

  • An outer container is REQUIRED for a cremation burial.
  • A ridged outer container is the minimum standard for a cremation burial.
  • You may contact the funeral home of your choice for this purchase.
  • You may invite a member of the clergy to attend the service.
  • Flowers may be brought to the cemetery on the day of service.

Please bring the following to the cemetery on the day of the service:

  • Cremation Certificate, this document is usually found in an envelope attached to the urn or cremation container.
  • Along with the Cremation Certificate, you must present a copy of the Burial Permit/Death Certificate.
  • A signed interment order, (supplied by the Cemetery Dept. or click here to download). This form will give the Cemetery Dept. permission to open the grave for the interment.
  • If necessary, a copy of the Signed Cremation Authorization Form, which your funeral home can provide.
  • Check made payable to: Town of Chelmsford.

Cremation Interment

Monday – Friday






Niche Wall In-Urnment

Monday – Friday






Fee for a Canopy

A canopy is available for a fee of $250.
Weather Permitting

Cremation and Niche Wall Regulations

The following regulations have been adopted by the Board of Cemetery Commissioners for the governance of all Rules and Regulations for the Cremation Garden and the Niche Walls located in the Town of Chelmsford.

In regard to the Cremation Garden area, when a family purchases a monument privileged lot, and the lot is paid in full, they will be allowed an upright monument, they will also have the option of also placing one flat marker at the foot of the grave. A signed permit is required and the fee to markout the area where the marker or monument is to be placed will be $50, payable to the Town of Chelmsford.

The specifications for the monument are as follows:

  1. The monument must be Medium Barre Gray granite, with an Oval top, all five sides must have a Sand finish
  2. The dimensions of the monument are to be 2′ L x 3′ H (out of the ground) and 4″ thick
  3. The footing must be formed with a 5 inch border all the way around the stone
  4. The font is to be Roman Modified or Roman Modified condensed, with a maximum of a 2½” font
  5. There is to be no color, no carvings or no porcelain dedo’s allowed
The Niche Wall will require a permit to be filed; there is no fee for the permit, once paid in full; the owner of a Niche will be permitted to erect a Bronze plaque, with the dimensions of the plaque to be 7″ x 7″, the plaque will be attached to the niche using double faced tape and will be installed by Cemetery personnel. Each niche can hold a maximum of two urns. The inside dimensions of the niche walls at Pine Ridge Cemetery are 12″ x 12″ x 12″. At Fairview Cemetery the inside dimensions are 12″ x 12″ x 16″.
  1. No urns, window boxes, markers, boxed wreaths, fences curbing, hedges, trees or other ornaments or memorials of a permanent nature shall be placed or planted upon the graves or lots without the approval of the Superintendent.
  2. Autumn decorations and plants shall be removed by November 15th. Christmas decorations and wreaths shall be removed by the last Monday in January.
  3. A flower bed is allowed on each monument lot and shall not extend more than 6″ from the bottom of the monument.
  4. Flower beds may NOT be outlined with stones, marble chips, curbing, fencing, or edging made of metal, wood or vinyl.
  5. Baskets or other containers, not of a permanent nature, must be removed by the owners if they wish to preserve them, otherwise they shall be removed by the Superintendent, when in his judgment the plants or flowers have decayed.
  6. Decayed flowers or plants shall be removed by the Superintendent when deemed advisable. Artificial flowers and decorations are NOT permitted.
  7. Flowers must not be brought into the cemetery except for decorations, and they must not be carried out under any pretense whatever, except by permission of the Superintendent.
  1. Artificial Flowers/ Solar Lights/Flags etc. are NOT ALLOWED in the Niche Wall Gardens.
  3. Cemetery Personnel will remove flowers as needed.

The Cemetery Department is not responsible for any flowers, or any other decorations placed on graves or lots by the owners.
If there are any questions regarding the Cremation Garden or the Niche Wall, please send an email to or call (978) 250-5245.